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Exercise Playlist App: Glamour.com

Max Workouts It finds music that matches your own workout paceinstead of the other way around! RockMyRun has just released a cool update to its app: myBeat MatchMe , which uses neat technology that senses your footsteps and adjusts the music to sync with them. Basically, the app uses the devices sensors to detect your steps per minute, and then automatically adjusts the music's beats per minute to match them. RockMyRun's playlists are designed by pro DJswhich click here is pretty neat in itselfbut this new feature is also supposed to help make the most out of every workout. According to RockMyRun research, the combination of music and tech in the app has helped motivate runners to travel more distance, decrease oxygen needs by 7 percent, and give them an extra boost view publisher site of energy (so that their time to exhaustion is up to 15 percent longer than usual). I love stuff like this! Would you try it? Photos: Thinkstock; RockMyRun
More http://www.glamour.com/health-fitness/blogs/vitamin-g/2014/05/workout-playlist-app.html

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