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Uk Gym Network Payasugym Raises Further £1.6m, Plans To Add Fitness Class Comparisons & Bookings

Aimed at customers who are looking to return to the gym in the UK alone there are 12 million ex-gym members, apparently as well as first-time gym goers and those who are away from their main gym membership, PayasUgym makes it easy to shop around and purchase gym access on a pay-as-you-go basis. Short term memberships span one day, one month to three click months, and are offered at a discount compared to the price you would normally pay at the door. Users simply register with the site and then buy workouts credit, which they top up akin to a prepaid mobile phone. Gyms and health clubs can max workouts be searched by locality, and passes are sent to a user by email or by phone via SMS. PayasUgym says more than 1,700 health clubs are available on its site, giving rise to the claim of being the UKs largest online gym network. It counts Virgin Active, Pure Gym, Energie and Hilton Livingwell as partners, and says its network provides access to 1 in 3 of all UK health clubs and gyms. Previous backers in PayasUgym include Supremum Capital, and a host of unnamed private investors.
Read more: http://techcrunch.com/2014/03/25/uk-gym-network-payasugym-raises-further-1-6m-plans-to-add-fitness-class-comparisons-bookings/

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