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Razer Nabu Hands-on: Fitness Band, Meet Smartwatch

What do you get? A magic formula that manufacturers like LG and now Razer are trying to crack: the fitness-notification superband. The Razer Nabu, coming sometime early this year, is yet another left-field wearable tech entry from a company not normally known for playing in this field. (Credit: Scott Stein/CNET) What it is, well, that's easy to understand. The more.. Nabu, like many, many other devices -- Fitbit Force, Nike Fuelband, LG Lifeband Touch, and so on and so on -- tracks steps taken, calories burned, you know the drill. But it also gets a full set of notifications from iOS or Android phones -- text messages, phone calls, and more -- much like Pebble and its ilk. That's the plan. The Nabu launches diet in a developer-only edition first for US$49, and then a consumer version shortly after that for "a little more," according to Razer's public relations.
Read more: http://asia.cnet.com/razer-nabu-hands-on-fitness-band-meet-smartwatch-62223416.htm

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